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The difficulty here is that neither one is very serious, committed nor responsible so this relationship more likely to be a fling. Try The Karma Quiz Now!! And Sagittarius likes to go out but her Cancer man likes to stay at home. But she will appreciate him taking care of domestic responsibilities. Cancer will also have to learn to lighten up and have fun with his carefree mate.

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He demands attention and is always the center of a crowd. They will have a great sex life for she loves experimenting and he has great stamina. In fact he will almost be overbearing for her but she loves a challenge. The only issue in this zodiac compatibility is his arrogance and dominance. Try The Quiz Now!! They might clash with their different personalities.

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He is steady and dependable while she just wants to have fun. She will be glad for him to take over their finances and the other mundane decisions in their life as long as she can play. He will have to understand her needs and give in once in awhile to keep her interested. Test Now!

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Libra can be more sensitive than Sagittarius though. And their fun can be trouble because neither is good with finances. They will love getting to know each other in and out of the bedroom. Both love adventure but the Libra man is stimulated more by intellectual pursuits while Sagittarius is up for almost anything.

This can be a grand love affair with great astrology compatibility between the two zodiac signs that never ends! He will want her to take their relationship to the next level and she may not be ready or willing. He will see her as immature and irresponsible especially with money and commitments. There are several layers in both partners' birth charts that must be considered and synastry is an art that astrologers spend years perfecting. But hey, I don't think anyone would disagree that the following zodiac signs are made for each other.

If I could sum up the partnership between a Sagittarius and an Aries in one word, it would be "exhilarating". Since both of these zodiac signs are made of the fire element, their intimacy is capable of turning into a full blown inferno. Aries is a cardinal fire sign that reacts instinctively and never shies away from a challenge while Sagittarius is expansive and mutable, always happy to amplify the energy of adrenaline-junkie Aries.

Both of these zodiac signs are always in search of "more" out of life and they'll go out of their way to keep things in a constant state of excitement. Think of this pair as a dynamic duo of superheroes. As they save the day, they're falling in love with each other's swift calls to action and adventure.

The relationship between a Gemini and a Sagittarius might just be the most important one they'll ever experience in life. Since they're opposite signs, they each contain what the other is missing. Half the time, this pair can't stand each other. But the other half?

What Zodiac Signs Are Best Compatible With Sagittarius?

This problem is magnified in that unlike Virgo, who is willing to take orders and work behind the scenes, Capricorn wants to be in charge. In a working relationship, though, Capricorn can act as a manager to Leo as the star or celebrity. This mismatched sign combination gets along better than most of the pairs discussed here.

Pisces will be charmed by Leo and will give Leo plenty of admiration. On the other hand, they have the least to offer each other. Leo will soon learn that Pisces admires many people, and when this happens, it will no longer make Leo feel special.

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By the same token, Leo will not be able to offer Pisces the support this sign needs. Aquarius and Virgo do not have any real basis from which to communicate. Aquarius looks at the world in a detached way.

They are interested in different ideas, but it rarely impacts their own point of view. Virgo notices every detail and can get obsessed with making one thing absolutely perfect.

Sagittarius compatibility

The only saving grace with this pair is that they are both intellectually curious. If they accept that they really are different, they can view each other like an anthropologist would a foreign and exotic culture. This is a rather volatile mismatch. Courtesy is the most important thing in the world to Libra.

Scorpio wants to dig deep under the surface to find everything that is hidden, even the things that ought to remain hidden. Despite their volatility, these two can be quite useful to each other.

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Scorpio likes stability and depth. Sagittarius likes freedom and breadth. Scorpio has a well-deserved reputation for jealousy and possessiveness, and Sagittarius is positively allergic to such things. This is combination has similar problems to the one between Cancer and Aquarius discussed early. Aquarius finds Pisces baffling and over-emotional, and Pisces finds Aquarius detached and cold. These signs can learn to manage though. They are both interested in understanding those that are different from them.

The main thing will be that Pisces will need to go to someone else for emotional support. Now that we have talked about the signs that do not get along, let us look at the stormiest sign combinations in the zodiac. Aries is the Ram who charges forward, while Cancer is the Crab that hides in its shell with fierce claws for protection. Aries will push forward, while Cancer will try to retreat.

sagittarius woman most compatible sign Sagittarius woman most compatible sign
sagittarius woman most compatible sign Sagittarius woman most compatible sign
sagittarius woman most compatible sign Sagittarius woman most compatible sign
sagittarius woman most compatible sign Sagittarius woman most compatible sign
sagittarius woman most compatible sign Sagittarius woman most compatible sign

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