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Aquarius is all air, the lofty theoretician with the plan that will solve everyone's problems. Jolly good - but for much of the last 12 months it's the practicalities of human relationships, rather than the theory, which have confronted your sign. Saturn's long transit of your fifth house has been about obligations to and from your romantic partners, and about the mundane arrangements of love affairs, rather than the rosey-hued aspects of lu-u-rve.

For some, it's been a case of commit or quit. While Aquarians born in the last week of the sign, or in or '64, may still have such issues to resolve over the next few months in February especially , the mood surrounding your love life is lighter in , especially after June. Singleton Aquarians can ring March and June as months of happy hunting for romantic prey, and if clandestine encounters are your cup of meat, autumn looks particularly inviting.

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Partnerships of all kinds continue to be elevated by the presence of Jupiter in your opposite sign of Leo. Whether your spouse or legal sidekick is really bringing home the bacon - they seem so confident - you have to give them the benefit of the doubt. In any case, you, as ever, have your own thing to do. The professional show you've had to put on over recent months will need to be maintained until after your birthday, when you're granted a welcome stay of absence from public duties for a month or two.

Until then, meetings, plans and contacts are all fruitful, even if your bank account may have to wait six months to see the fruits of your efforts. If you share the zest for social justice for which your sign is celebrated, this is likely to feature strongly in your affairs in the early part of the year. The fierce force of Mars will put you atop the barricades waving the flag of freedom, but when putting the world to rights, try to ensure you're not indulging your tendency to fight yesterday's battles.

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On that subject, the departure of the futuristic planet Uranus from Aquarius in March will make your sign that little bit less cutting edge. Your personal age of Aquarius isn't over yet, but from here on, you're marginally less kooky than over the last seven years I did say marginally. Uranus' brief re-visitation of your sign in the last three months of the year is significant for birthdays between February, who get to revisit issues in play right now.

After December, you'll have to wait another 78 years for Uranus to revisit your sign. Might as well get that little bit crazy now. Pisceans must get tired of being depicted as wet, weak and weepy there there , when their sign's fast-flowing responsiveness is as likely to produce business sharks and artistic dolphins as soppy small-fry. In you'll be showing the world exactly what kind of fish you are.

From your birthday onwards, assorted planets put the emphasis on your sign above all others. For starters, on 10 March, Uranus, the planet of independence and disruption, splashes down in the Fishes. Since this planet helps flavour the zeitgeist for the next seven years see introduction , members of your sign should gel with the collective more easily. Birthdays early in the sign get the biggest jolt from the Uranian electrodes, a clear signal to dump half-dead spouses and run off to Alaska with a marine biologist.

Search for:. Skip to content Remember it is just for a couple of days. Like your water friends Pisces and Cancer dear Scorpio this You of all zodiac signs will have the most intense love horoscopes during this period my dear Pisces. Get an insight into your month ahead.

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    In both the sentences, 'expectation s ' is an abstract noun. Conclusions Results confirmed findings of an earlier metaanalysis and in addition revealed four new predictors of postpartum depression: selfesteem, marital status, socioeconomic status, and unplannedunwanted pregnancy. Jun 27, Horoscope cancer for July. Choose your sign http: Horoscope. To the top! Aquarius Love and Relationship Horoscope. I am not sure if this is actually the best place to ask but do you guys have any ideea where to hire some professional writers? Free daily astrology predictions for today, tomorrow and after- tomorrow: overview of the day and daily horoscope of each zodiac sign.

    horoscop urania 29 january 29 mai 2020 Horoscop urania 29 january 29 mai 2020
    horoscop urania 29 january 29 mai 2020 Horoscop urania 29 january 29 mai 2020
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    horoscop urania 29 january 29 mai 2020 Horoscop urania 29 january 29 mai 2020
    horoscop urania 29 january 29 mai 2020 Horoscop urania 29 january 29 mai 2020

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