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Some signs are ambivalent about children, but most Cancer women feel they were born for the job. You're the mom who could have an at-home birth, train as a doula, and breast-feed your kid until as long as you please. Hello, La Leche League president! Your fourth house of motherhood is ruled by balanced, beauty-loving Libra, the sign of relationships. This gives you an idealistic approach to family—and a flair for creating a pretty, comfortable home. You're deeply invested in your relationship with your children and will likely be their lifelong confidante. Becoming a mother has healthy side effects for your social life.

Since Cancers can be a little shy or reserved upfront, your kids provide the perfect excuse to engage with other parents. Your budding social circle could be filled with the moms of your children's friends or with families you meet through nursery school outings, PTA, and your children's sports teams.

Talking about your kids lets you quietly screen people before deciding that they're worthy of your trust. When you hear their views on schooling, discipline, dietary limits, and the like, you get a keen sense of their values and whether they're compatible with yours. Eventually, you'll open up and start talking more about yourself with a few of them, allowing a genuine friendship to unfold. A true sign of trust is often when you invite someone into your home. There's no casual play dating happening in your household. Not just anyone makes it into a Cancer's sanctuary!

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Can you be a tiny bit of a snob? But Cancers are true-blue friends whose bonds be- come as close as family over time. You don't let people into your world easily—but once they're in, they're in. You expect a high degree of loyalty when you've opened your heart. Becoming your friend is a life sentence, and you'll cherish the bonds you form even more once children are in the picture. Your parenting style: "You know that elusive 'balance' that Libra, the sign of the swinging scales, is forever seeking? Motherhood might be the very thing that helps you find your center point, bringing you out of self-induced chaos into the calm 'eye of the storm.

Born under a languid sign famous for procrastinating and stopping to smell every single rose not that there's anything wrong with that , you suddenly become structured and even downright type A as a mom. Libra is the zodiac's sign of relationships, and—as much as this defies any self-help book written since —you're happiest when you live for another person.

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Children give you the perfect excuse to do just that. Organizing your life around, well, organizing their lives, is a habit you take to like a mermaid to water. You love all the stereotypical trappings of childhood—from oversized dollhouses and trucks to elaborate tea parties and train tracks. Tasteful toys may litter your well-appointed parlor when your kids are young.

Libras don't like to rush, and you have a strong ability to really be in the moment with your kids.

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You're amused by their antics and in love with their quirks and questions—happy to spend hours explaining exactly why the sky is blue or helping them pinpoint the exact location of heaven when a pet goldfish dies. In that regard, Libra moms model self-care for your children, dressing well and re- fusing to 'let yourself go' just because you've had a baby. You'll also make sure your children are as well-appointed as you'd like to be, dressing them in adorably stylish outfits.

You can be more than a touch vain at moments, also making your kids part of your personal vanity project at times. Remind yourself periodically that they weren't born to be your showpieces or personal ambassadors. Strive for a healthy state of interdependence—where individuality and separateness are respected, just as deeply as times of togetherness are cherished. Strengths as a mom: Planning, structure, traditional values, consistency, patience, thoughtfulness.

Weaknesses as a mom: Worry and anxiety, overly cautious, pessimism, self-doubt, seriousness to a fault. Your parenting style: "Who's your daddy, er, mommy? Since Capricorn is the zodiac's 'father' sign, this adds an interesting twist to your mothering style. In stereotypical terms, you may be more of the dad than the mom—or both parents rolled into one.

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Not that you don't have a sentimental or feminine side, but Capricorn's ruling planet is Saturn, the stern taskmaster associated with authority, masculinity, and structure. You're not afraid to set limits or to teach your kids necessary life lessons. You'd like to be close to your children, but you don't need to be best friends. Hierarchy based on age is fine with you. As a traditional sign, you respect your own parents even if you don't like them and may be quite conventional.

You're more a tough-love type of mom who delivers stern lectures and stiff hugs. You might not be the most touchy-feely person, preferring to show your devotion through your actions rather than affection. How this plays out depends a lot on your own upbringing. Capricorns tend to be "old souls" who play the dutiful soldier in their families, keeping a lot of their emotions inside. Your own childhood may have been colored by hard experiences or hefty responsibility placed on your small shoulders perhaps self-imposed, as many Cap kids are overachievers.

Or maybe your parents worked hard to provide for your needs.

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Now you feel a deep obligation to repay them by succeeding. There's a 'steel magnolia' in every Capricorn mom. Like Katie Couric and Michelle Obama, you exude feminine beauty layered over deep reserves of strength. You're the rock of your clan, the force that holds everything together through thick and thin. Capricorn is the zodiac's provider sign, and with your solid work ethic you could be the family breadwinner.

Escape from your obligations whenever possible so you don't miss your little one's fleeting moments of cuteness.

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  5. Pay attention when people tell you that 'it goes by so fast. Weaknesses as a mom: Boundaries, turbulence and drama, detachment, overly permissive tendencies. Your parenting style: "What do you get when you mix the girl next door, a rock 'n' roll groupie, a pageant queen, a fembot, and your childhood best friend?

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    Add a couple tattoos, a karate black belt, or at least one unexpected personal skeleton in the closet a regrettable piercing, a Trekkie membership and you've got the Aquarius mom—in all her eclectic glory. The Aquarius mother is a curious character who's impossible to put in a box. You're affectionate yet aloof, stern yet spontaneous, the world's mellowest control freak. You're a unicorn-riding Pollyanna who sings about rainbows and sunbeams; yet you can be the snarkiest cynic on the block.

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    You specialize in organized chaos, and your parenting can be subject to change without notice. You view your existence as a grand journey, and you want your children to experience a magical utopia for as long as possible—one fashioned from your own vivid imagination. Your ruling planet is unconventional Uranus, which is associated with emotional detachment, rebellion, and surprises.

    Aquarians are known for being uncomfortable with intimacy—you're the sign of casual connections and friendship, so you're more at ease be- longing to the world, not just one little person. So one of the biggest surprises of motherhood is the depth of emotion it can bring up. You might weep sentimentally one minute, then put on your game face the next, becoming as steely as a basketball coach during the last thirty seconds of playoffs.

    Hot and cold are your default settings—even if you give the appearance of being easygoing and agreeable. It could take a while before you find an even keel as a mother. At the same time, your fourth house of motherhood is governed by traditional Taurus. This cocoons your quirky-cool style in practical, earth sign energy—envision a white picket fence built around a VW bus.

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