Astrological ages of the earth

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When God chased them from the Garden, Virgo fell below the horizon and Perseus with his sword rose above the horizon as if to be chasing them out. Ezekiel's description of cherubim with four faces of a man, lion, ox and eagle define the Age of Taurus because they represent the four cardinal constellations in the Age of Taurus. The Age of Aries the ram starts with Abraham. His original name Abram has "ram" in it.

Instead of sacrificing his son Isaac, he sacrificed a ram instead. The Age of Aries includes Moses. The report on Moses' Sun Signs shows that his character personified the sun. The seminal event that marked the Age of Aries was the Passover when the Israelites painted their door with lamb's blood to protect them from the tenth plague. Pisces the fish marks the time When Was Jesus Born. When he was born in the end of the Age of Aries, he was called the Lamb of God twice at the beginning of the Book of John. John From the findings in Gospel Zodiac , Jesus' mission lasts one solar year. When Jesus says he will be with us until the close of the age, he means to the close of the Age of Pisces.

An Astrological Age - © Dr Shepherd Simpson

The table below shows a 4, year cycle that fits into the astrological timetable above. Depending on which passage we use, it is possible to come up small variations. There is no need to quibble about it; it is still off by at least six billion years. According to Peter, with the Lord, a thousand years is a day. This is why Methuselah lived years. No mortal was to be represented as living a thousand years, the length of God's day. Until the seventeenth century, no one had any idea how old earth was. This date was widely accepted for years until news came of an ancient civilization in Egypt.

In , when Napoleon Bonaparte led a military campaign in Egypt, he took a team of France's best scientists with him to find out what they could about the Egyptian civilization.

Up to that time, Egyptian hieroglyphs were a dead language and no one knew the history of Egypt. Napoleon's campaign failed, but his scientists found a stone with engravings in Egyptian and Greek-the Rosetta stone. When they deciphered the language, they found records tracing back to a civilization at least 4, years old.

Astrological Ages as an Accurate and Effective Model of History

This was the first time the Bible was discredited as an historical text. Noah's flood would have been an event of epic proportions. According to the table above, earth was flooded around BCE. Egyptian dates are not speculative; they kept excellent records. Sneferu was Egypt's first pyramid builder. His first two flopped, but he was buried in his third, the Red Pyramid of Dahshur.

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Cheops built the largest pyramid of all, the Great Pyramid of Giza. Would anybody care to speculate how it is possible to build pyramids underwater? Not only is there no archeological or geological evidence of a great worldwide flood, even if such a flood was local, it would have destroyed remnants of the ancient Egyptians. The reason why Egyptian monuments and hieroglyphs have remained so well preserved for thousands of years is that the region is dry all year round. His body could not have been washed away in the Red Sea, it was found in a tomb in Egypt and now can be seen in a Cairo museum.

He was also found entombed in Egypt.

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In fact, no archeological evidence even hints of mass Jewish slavery, the ten plagues, the Passover, the Exodus and the Red Sea. Outside the Bible, it never happened. In what is commonly known as the Babylonian Captivity, the year BCE was calculated from the first historical date confirmed outside the bible. The Temple was rebuilt and rededicated in BCE.


The table shows years, the span of Old Testament history. The fact that the equinox point slowly circles westward at the rate of 1 degree every 72 years accounts for the fact that the Ages follow in reverse sequential order due to the clockwise movement of this point. If you divide 26, by 12 then you arrive at the duration of each Astrological Age equaling roughly 2, years. This of course is in contrast to the apparent forward movement of the planets and Sun within the wheel of the Western Tropical Zodiac, which once again relates to the seasons and establishes planetary relationships to the Earth and not the Constellations.

Two wheels spinning in opposite directions with each other, can you dig it?! One other more esoteric phenomenon occurs that I feel has something to do with the Astrological Ages, and that is the shifting of our North Pole Star. Next, visualize the crown or 7th chakra of Gaia aligning to a new star or constellation, which happens because of a peculiar gyrating motion of the Earth that changes very slowly the direction of the polar axis this is the same motion that causes the precession of equinoxes — think of a toy top that wobbles as it spins.

This process is like the earth shifting to a new 8th Chakra and opening up to new reservoirs of cosmic archetypal energy. Talk about a rewiring of planetary kundalini! I sense that this symbolizes a new energetic shift of planetary consciousness that actually initiates and precedes the shifting of the Astrological Ages. I would also speculate that this is a factor in how each Age manifests in the collective body and psyche of Gaia. Energy pours from the 8th Chakra which is the North Polar Star and downloads through the other chakras until it hits the 1st Chakra of Gaia and manifests via our consciousness and physicality.

As I list the beginning and ending dates for the Ages, keep in mind that the dates are vague and also include generous transitions from one Age to the next. Think of this in terms of civilizations: how can we really date when they begin and end? As we begin here, the snow of the Ice Age melts and the global climate begins to warm up.

"Age of Deception" Astrology Movie by The Leo King (Time, Christianity, Flat Earth, Ages)

And what do we find? The cultures on the planet during this time worshipping the Sun, the ruler of the fire sign Leo, almost as a way of saying thanks for melting all that damn ice! Sun-Gods abound, populations rise in many parts of the world, minimal farming begins to birth as climates get warmer and wetter and herds of large animals become scarcer. This is also known as the Mesolithic period, or Stone Age. Now we have just made a shift from the fire sign Leo to the water sign Cancer, and what happens?

Around B. The floods drowned out Sun-worship, which was replaced by Moon-worship as many cultures became aware of how the Moon affected the rising and falling of the water: the tides. The sign Cancer is ruled by the Moon and associated with the archetype of the Great Mother, which deals with the womb, bearing, birthing, nurturing, protecting, and domestic life. Speaking of which, during this time animals began to be domesticated.

Aquarian Season in the Age of Aquarius: What You Need to Know

To be sure, this was a matriarchal period, which is evinced in many artifacts dating to this time period with exclusive depictions of the feminine figure. Many figurines found show breasts, incised vulvas and heavy hips, and are sometimes enthroned and guarded by lions or cats Age of Leo reference.

The great motif of the Age was the womb and tomb, both of which symbolize the vagina of Mother Earth, who gives birth and takes back into herself the bodies of her children. During this time, burial rites developed in which corpses were buried in the fetal position, and many anthropologists believe that men probably did not realize their role in procreation, so when babies popped out of women they trembled in awe of the feminine. The Great Mother seemed to possess an incredible power, and in this sense, She was terrifying and not some Betty Crocker! Current evidence points to the idea that during this time, a group soul level of consciousness was dominant, with very little individual ego-consciousness actualized.

Therefore, tribalism became the dominant mode of consciousness. The sign of Cancer symbolizes our tribal origins: our family. I sense that even today, much of our unconscious fear of the dark and death is connected to the fear of the Great Mother, who symbolizes here a regressive loss of ego-consciousness and a merging back with the tribe.

We have forgotten that we are the eyes, voice, heart, and body of Gaia herself; we are part of Her soul, as we are all part of Her. Like it or not, we all pass from the tomb of the womb, back to the womb of the tomb! Towards the end of this Age came the domestication of the horse and wild cattle, the invention of the wheel and weaving, and some of the first known examples of metal working. These new technologies began to liberate humanity from the basic survival needs of food, water, shelter, and reproduction.

No longer solely at the mercy of Mother Nature, new choices were born and intellectual development began to birth a new myth out of the Great Mother…. During this Age, human beings began to develop their intellects. Most of this Age, however, still remains prehistoric, so we can only speculate how progress was made in that regard. That being said, there is certainty that by the end of this Age writing appeared, first in crude pictographs, and finally in formalized cuneiform on tablets in Sumeria and hieroglyphs in Egypt.

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astrological ages of the earth Astrological ages of the earth
astrological ages of the earth Astrological ages of the earth
astrological ages of the earth Astrological ages of the earth
astrological ages of the earth Astrological ages of the earth
astrological ages of the earth Astrological ages of the earth
astrological ages of the earth Astrological ages of the earth

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